EPA, Saved the USA and now hamstrung.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA was created when business has no regard for the environment, our waters were too polluted to sustained any life. Dumping toxins as cheap as possible was just good business. I lived near rivers (Shiawassee, Flint) in Michigan that were so polluted that we avoided them. They stank of chemicals. News reports of Lake Erie is dying and can no longer sustain life. The events like the Cuyahoga river fire 1969, Love Canal, etc.. America united and was behind the clean up.

The EPA causes responsible actions. And help fuel localities like my home town organised cleanups to remove all unnatural debris and objects. My community created a walk along the Shiawassee river, once so polluted, to a beautiful nature walk between two towns. And Celebrated the successes with River Days every summer.

The EPA worked hard on water, air and other elements of saving the environment. They had some of the best science on what should not be let loose on our planet. Not the best funded to complete the task, like how to recycle everything responsibly. But were some of the early experts on climate change, ozone, and more.

And then there were super funds for cleanup of know toxic dump sites. Largely unfunded. The hit list has never really been taken care of. At least what I can find.

And in the current administration, Everything from an agency designed to protect the earth, has been censored, changed, and altered, and now the rules to help restore the health of our planet are being changed to support business, that has been killing our planet without regard.

The EPA needs more authority, not less. Business needs to take more responsibility from production to recycle.

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