Digital Standards?

I never got to visually see anything digital, any computer code, etc. till I was out of high school. Back then I read Popular Electronics, Popular Mechanics, and kept up as it fascinated me what this modern stuff could do. In the early days, only main frames or mechanical machines could do extensive computing (Hollerith Cards).

Early on there was a lot of computer and communication standards set mostly by electronic standards that allowed us to do messages by BBS (Bulletin Board Service), play simple text games and more. I was there. As a member and once president of the local Commodore Computer User Group, we had standards, fun, education, and advancement of computing.

But we started to have to set the write protect on disks as some programs would try to erase it. We are talking 1980’s tech, everything was on disk. We even welcomed the new stuff like IBM type computers with MS-DOS to our group, it was about computing, and quickly discovered how many tried to crash those computers.

Fast forward to today: I am not sure there is a system that can operate without the internet. And it is everything good and bad. Every database is different, every browser works different, and now mobile usage, and applications, controlled by those allowed to distribute. In the mean time we have many mean and profitable virus/malware/ransom ware, that without protection, you are screwed without basic protection. That finally came around, but it is that, basic.

Why not world wide standards, that keep software and hardware safe? The core code could be rock solid and free. The common user knows little about safety. We now have networks internet everything, social media, computers that are mobile, desktops, servers and more devices connected, and yet we are always vulnerable to attacks? Not if we had standards.

Protection companies make money by keeping virus, malware and such away. Security companies make my by certificates that show your transaction is safe. Even email is spoofed to show it came from your source, and want to charge you to keep it safe. Corporations and protection have taken over again.

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