Where is America going?

A pondering about how America has changed in my lifetime

My early experiences meeting the world in a big city had some real learning experiences. Back then most everyone was still good, respectful, and true Americans. There were a few stings and problems with racism that was clinging on, mostly because I did not understand it or experience it yet. As a young adult I met the real world in the late 1970’s and through the 80’s in the melting pot of the Military and large cities. By the mid 1990’s I was done with it and wanted out.

I became disappointing with the youth then and the turbulent times of forced school busing and moved my family to a smaller community for a better life in a nice house I had built. Became a Scoutmaster and more involved in that community. A Scoutmaster that had only daughters? Yes, we need good people in every community and it was my way to help. (and maybe relive a little of my youth)

I was always on the front line of environment and being a good caretaker. I recycle and reuse everything I can. And today I have to pick up trash people leave in my yard. The current federal administration is destroying the EPA, does nothing about recycling, promotes fossil fuels, and ignores science and facts about how we are destroying our planet.

America was once a leader in peace joining world wars only when necessary. Today we still have bases in Japan, all over Europe, and perpetual wars (never declared) in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. When did the American people want the USA to be colonist? A NATO or UN Police Force? Why do we need this force and military spending if we are a republic of peace and democracy? Nothing I signed on to. End the perpetual wars and start centuries of peace and prosperity.

Barack Obama was award the Nobel Peace prize in 2009. For what he could do and how his election relaxed international tensions. Yet he never ended wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Never actually brought true peace to anything that I can find. That disturbs me. And the tensions since his term ended, has escalated. Disturbing more.

Donald Trump has promised MAGA or Make America Great Again. So what has the President actually done to reach that goal? Just off the top of my head I will say he gutted the EPA, has interfered with justice, left instead of lead the Paris accord, tax cuts for the rich and corporations, and even an emergency action to build a boarder wall, he said was not an emergency in the announcement. Since his election I have seen more polarization than ever in my life, over every little thing, instead of finding common ground. Way to be a leader carrot top.

Before we had a growing world economy that we were a leader of. Today we have trade wars. A passion to save our planet traded for drill baby drill, climate change denial, and dismemberment of the EPA. Privacy rights and open access internet traded for corporate greed. Even mind your manners and real life lessons traded for PC offended by almost anything.

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  1. I liked that you mentioned being a scout leader even though you had daughters. Sometimes we need to remember to do things for others in our community not just things involving our family members.

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